At The Farningham Day Nursery we recognise the huge importance that parents attach to choosing the best possible care for their children.

You want to know that your child will be well looked after in a happy and secure environment and that he or she will receive only the best care and attention when not at home.

We pride ourselves on providing exactly those high standards that you require and we believe that we are able to achieve them by succeeding in two vital areas; Employing first class carers to care for your child; Providing the best possible facilities for your child within a small & friendly environment.

Nursery Status – OFSTED

The Farningham Day Nursery is a participant in the Kent Early Years plan and is registered to accept funding for eligible two, three and four year olds. The nursery was last inspected by OFSTED in November 2009 and graded OUTSTANDING in all areas.

We are delighted to quote the following opening paragraph from the inspector’s summary:

“Farningham Day Nursery consistently drives wide-ranging improvements in outcomes for children, using an inclusive self-evaluation process and continual reflective practice of the service it provides. The Early Years Foundation Stage principles are recognised to be the core of the management structure, which results in boys and girls being respected and valued as individuals. Caring, positive relationships develop within a secure and enabling environment. Comprehensive monitoring systems build and track children’s developmental progress and these ensure swift progress towards the early learning goals. Individual needs are recognised and met by highly competent staff, ensuring the safety and well-being of all.”

The full report is available upon request or you can view it online at: www.ofsted.gov.uk