Newsletter Spring 2014

The Farningham Nursery Newsletter

Spring 2014

A warm Welcome

We would like to welcome all the new children and their families to the nursery and hope that they enjoy their time with us.

 Staff News

We will shortly be welcoming a new member of staff to the nursery and feel sure that she will be a valuable member of the team. Amy Wittey is a Level 3 qualified nursery practitioner and will be working full-time in the Tigger (pre-school) room.

Hayley Abrahams will be returning to the Roos (baby room) for three days per week and will also cover staff holidays and sickness.

Some parents will find that their child/children’s key person may change; unfortunately this cannot be avoided when a new practitioner starts. We hope to keep any disruption to a minimum to avoid confusing the children and of course the parents.


Clothing and shoes

Please can parents/carers ensure that all articles of their child’s/children’s clothing including shoes are named? Also articles unrecognised by staff will be placed into the lost property box located in the lobby, do check if something goes missing.


 Security Doors

Parent/carers are failing to close the security doors between the lobby and nursery areas when leaving the building, therefore exposing the children to unnecessary risks. If an unknown adult wishes to enter when you are leaving and there are no staff in the immediate area to verify their identity please do not let them in, close the door and ask them to ring the bell.

Late Collection

We would like to remind parents/carers of children who attend nursery for part days that they will be charged a late collection fee if their child/children are not collected on time.


Tiggers Letter of the Week

Tiggers are continuing with their “letter of the week”. Each week the children are asked to bring in an object from home beginning with this letter which can then be discussed during group time. This activity is not only educational but also enables us to work in partnership with parents.


Crackerjack Activity Week

A very big thank you to all who took part in our Easter fund raising week. To date you have raised £301 with more still to come. WELL DONE.


Nursery Summer Outing

This year the nursery summer outing will take place on Tuesday 17th June where we plan to take a trip into the Sussex countryside to Drusillas Park.

Our summer outing is for all children and as many parents/carers, friends and relations as possible, please remember the nursery will be closed on that day. More details will follow shortly.