Newsletter Spring 2017

A warm Welcome

We would like to warmly welcome all children and their families who have recently started at the nursery, including the siblings of existing children.

A warm welcome is also extended to our 2 new members of staff India Parry who is in the Roos and Ellie Ockenden in the Tiggers.

                            Change of Shoes

We would like to request that children have suitable indoor footwear (shoes, slippers or plimsolls etc.) as heavy winter boots and wellingtons are cumbersome when children are playing on the floor, and are not appropriate for indoor wear.

     Parent Evening

Our next parent evening will be held at the nursery on Monday 27th March. This is an ideal opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress with their Key Person and to meet other parents. Practitioners will be available for consultations between 6.00pm and 8.00pm and we ask that you complete and return the slip at the bottom of the page; all consultations must be pre-booked before the 20th March.

2 Year Checks

It would be extremely helpful if parents/carers could inform their child’s key person when they are due to have their 2year check. This will enable practitioners to complete the appropriate paper work for you to take with you to your appointment with the health visitor.

Request for Sainsbury’s Tokens

Once again, we are collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids tokens which can be redeemedfor equipment for the nursery e.g. sports equipment, games etc. We would therefore be very grateful if you could place any tokens you may receive in the box provided in the lobby.

World Book Day

World Book Day is on 2nd March and all parents/carers will receive a £1 book token for their child. To mark this day, we would like to ask the children to bring in their favourite book from home so that we can share the story with their friends. This activity will take place for a whole week from 27th Feb – 3rd March to allow all children to take part.

Family Photographs

Please could parents/carers of “Roo” children bring in family photographs for the board? It would also be nice if possible to have some more recent family pictures of the children in the other rooms as the existing ones are in need of updating and are a little worn with use. These boards are very important and popular with all the children as they love to talk about their family and pets; it also helps to bring the home and nursery environment together. 

 Crackerjack Fundraiser Day

We are holding a fundraising event for Crackerjacks Children’s Trust on Tuesday 28th March 2017. The theme of this event is “When I Grow Up” and we ask that the children attending nursery on 28th March dress in clothes/outfits which depict a profession that they may wish to do as an adult. Unfortunately, this is for 1 day only and therefore involves Tuesday children, however if parents wish to donate to this worthy charity we would be to happy pass on their contribution. Posters and sponsors forms will be available nearer the time.

Lost Property

There is a considerable amount of lost property in the box in the lobby. Please take a few minutes to look through this and claim items that belong to your child. Labelling would enable staff to identify stray items of clothing and return them to their owner.

Future Diary Date

We are in the process of planning our annual nursery outing. This year we are revisiting Godstone Farm and the proposed date is Wednesday 28th June 2017.

Further information and date confirmation will follow later.

Bad Weather Closure

We will always do our utmost to make sure that the nursery opens for 51 weeks per year; however on rare occasions we are not always able to manage this, especially in severe winter weather conditions.

During past unexpected closures we have been fortunate and grateful to have had local staff that have walked to the nursery to notify parents of our decision to close, but this is no longer possible as staff have moved to other areas.

We therefore ask that parents/carers take note of the information below and refer to it should the need arise in the coming months.

Nursery closures will be broadcast by BBC Radio Kent (96.7FM, 104.2FM, 97.6FM &DAB) parents may also log on to their website for information.

Alternatively any parents wishing to email the nursery to find out about closures will have their emails answered.

Our telephone system will also inform any parents who call 01322 866880 as to whether the nursery is open or shut.