Spring 2022

The Farningham Day Nursery News

Spring 2022


A Warm Welcome

We would like to warmly welcome all children and their families who have recently started at the nursery, including the siblings of existing children.

Clothing and Personal Belongings

Please could we also request that any clothing or personal belongings that come into nursery are labelled with your child’s name or initials in order to ensure that these are correctly returned.

Parent Consultations

Our next parent consultations will take place during March and will again be conducted by phone. If you would like a consultation, please inform your child’s Key Person who will arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

Drop off and Collection

Just a reminder to switch off engines please when waiting in the car park area. Also, where possible please ensure that the slip road is clear so that our neighbours can gain access to their properties. We realise that sometimes this can be difficult.

Family Photos

A request from Roos staff: Please could parents/carers of children in the Roos room bring in some family photographs so that practitioners are able to talk to the children about their families. This can often be comforting especially for the new children as it provides a link between home and nursery.

Staff News

We would like to welcome Nicola Heather to the nursery who will be joining us in the Piglet room three days per week on 23rd February 2022.

Oral Health

The Early Years Foundation Stage requires good oral health to be promoted amongst children. Alongside activities and learning opportunities to support this, we have for many years encouraged supervised toothbrushing for Piglet and Tigger children. Although this is not a mandatory requirement, we are happy to support with this. Please can we remind those parents/carers who would like us to support and encourage their child with toothbrushing to provide a toothbrush and tooth paste for their children. It is recommended that toothbrushes are replaced every three months. A member of staff will inform you if your child/children’s toothbrush/toothpaste needs replacing.

School Places

Parents of children who will be attending school this September will shortly hear the decision the local authority have made regarding the school their child is to attend. Please can you pass this information to your child’s Key Person so that we can prepare paperwork, liaise with the school and help your child prepare with the transition.

Funding Codes

Parents wishing to claim extended funding (up to 30 hours) from April 2022 need to apply for an eligibility code from Child Care Choices before 31st March 2022. A reminder that those already claiming extended hours may have to renew their code to continue to be eligible.

Summer Outing

It is hoped that we will be able to resume our annual summer outing this year. If you have any suggestions as to venues, we would love to hear your ideas. More information to follow.